The Celtic Cross


Need a bike that needs to be pressed into service on a few different tasks?  Tuesday is a hammer-fest ride. Wednesday is a commuter ride and a quick run to the bar. Thursday is an urban night ride with the boys.  Saturday is a nice ride on the local singletrack.  Sunday is race day.  While a cross bike can handle all this responsibility, there is no doubt that it must be ready for race day first and foremost.   

I present to you the Celtic Cross.  This is the go anywhere, do anything bike of your dreams.  If you are only going to own one bike, this is it. Do you love to race cross but don’t like the idea of only riding a cross bike on race day?  I have long been an advocate of cross bikes because they are so damn versatile.  The Celtic Cross is no exception.   Wide seat and chainstays so you have plenty of room to slide a nice fat tire back there if need be.  All kinds of configurations are at your disposal.  A pure race rig or a do-everyting type of setup.

Now UCI Approved.  The Celtic Cross was submitted to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for its frame homologation process.  The frame was approved and now all Celtic Cross frames come with the UCI Approved tube sticker and are able to be raced in all UCI cross events.  In case you care about those kind of things.

Ideal rider-  Race day warrior with a life