hand built frames from the mountains of Indiana


I am Tim O'Donnell and welcome to the Shamrock Cycles website.  Shamrock Cycles is a custom frame building shop dedicated to providing hands on service and delivering the best possible product to my customers.   I provide custom road, track, mountain and cross frames as well as complete bike builds at affordable prices. 

Please take your time and look around the site.  My hope is that you will find the general information about Shamrock Cycles and it will prompt you to call me immediately with credit card in hand!  But, feel free to call or email with any questions or comments you may have and you can keep the card in your pocket.



UPCOMING BUILDS- Updated 2/2016

Steve H.- Shipped

Jeff S.- Shipped

Suzette H.- Shipped

Jason R.- Shipped

Spencer H.- Delivered

Danger Wayne- Shipped

Mario D.- Shipped

Keith B.- Shipped

Mark L.- At paint

Christy C.- Shipped

Joe M.- Shipped

Sarah S- Shipped

Joseph R- Shipped

Andy K- On the truck

Edward D.- Shipped

Dan H- Shipped

Brian H.- Shipped

Ryan W.- Shipped

Joe McG- Shipped

James M- Shipped

Chris E- Shipped

Chris R- Shipped

Yngvar B- Shipped

Doug B- Shipped

Marty R- Repaired and repaint

Rob A.- Shipped

Team Bike- Complete

Hersh- Done

Paul D.- Shipped

Rob S.- Shipped

Rebecca Z- Done

Tim O- Off to magazine review

Will S.- Done

Rob A- Done

Scott B.- Done

Carlene M.- Done

Mark F.- Done

Cindi J.- Shipped

Brian W.- Shipped

Peg C.- Deposit held back for future order

Greg D.- Shiped

Rob S.- Painted. 

Dee A.- Shipped

Sarah P.- Shipped

Andy K.- Shipped

Jason R.- Shipped

Spencer K- In Process

Scott B.- en route

Vaughan A.- Picked up

Zach M.- Shipped

Janet S.- Done

Charlie S.- Shipped

Marty A-  At Paint

Scott B.- Shipped

Jeff H.- Shipped

Greg D.

Feb 2016 Update: Wow.  NAHBS in Sacramento was a blur.  Thanks for all of you who stopped by and shared a cold one.  Looking forward to seeing you all next March in Salt Lake City.


March 2016- NAHBS in Sacramento was just as good this time around as it was the first time.  Already sent in my deposit for NAHBS Salt Lake City

February 2015-  Getting bikes ready for NAHBS.  See you in Louisville next month!

December 2014- Want to hear me prattle on and on about things I like?  Well hop on over to Cyclocross Network and give a listen.  Things kick off in the 47 minute mark.  http://cyclocrossnetwork.com/18-cyclocross-today-scheiken-shamrock/



3-2014 NAHBS 2014 Charlotte was one of my best ever.  Crowds were a little thin but they were some of the most knowledgeable of any NAHBS.  And they brought their checkbooks.  Chapeau, Charlotte.

Hope to see you all in Charlotte NAHBS.  Booths 807,809, 811

NAHBS 2013 was great.  Thanks Denver!  Lots of press out there that I still need to track down and read.

See you all at NAHBS Denver.  Booth 1116

Shamrocks in the Wild http://www.dirtragmag.com/webrag/handmade-bikes-wild-shamrock-cycles

Shamrock Cycles cross bikes are UCI approved.  All cross bikes from Shamrock Cycles now come with the UCI Approved frame sticker that allows the frame in UCI competition.


-Shamrock interviewed by freelance writer, Rob Annis, for Indiana Outdoors August 2012 issue.

-Shamrock interviewed by the Indy Star talking about the increase of bicycle commuter in the city.  It’s a good thing! May-2012

-Good press in Road Bike Action July 2012 issue.

-So the green city bike from NAHBS was in Bicycle Times.  Still haven’t seen the article yet.

-NAHBS Sacramento was a blast.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello.  Still decompressing and processing the weekend.

-Shamrock Cycles city bike takes Best City Bike at NAHBS Sacramento!  Now it is for sale.  Details are here: CLICK HERE

-2-22-12: NAHBS Sacramento is just around the corner.  Bikes are packed and are on the way.  Here is a sample: 



-NAHBS Austin, TX was incredible.  Can’t wait till Sacramento.

-NAHBS Richmond was great.  Meeting customers and hanging out with the best builders in the world is quite a rush.  Friends were made, relationships solidified, and deposits were taken.  All in all a fine weekend.  I am already looking forward to NAHBS 2011 in Austin!  See details here:  www.handmadebicycleshow.com

-Shamrock Cycles pics of the Monster Cross and hand painted road bike in Urban Velo here

-Shamrock Cycles pics of the Monster Cross and Team Issue 650b MTB in Dirt Rag here and here

-Shamrock Cycles in Cyclingnews here

-Shamrock on Bicycle Escape here

-Shamrock Cycles and Don Walker featured in the Indy Star.  See the article here.

-A profile of the Shamrock Cycles 650b Beer Bike can be found here

-May 2010 Issue of Dirt Rag- Shamrock Cycles in the NAHBS coverage

-June 2010 Issue of Mountain Bike Action- Shamrock Cycles in the NAHBS coverage